The Ten-Step Guide to College Financial Aid By Zachary Freeman

A Radical Idea: Work

I heard a story today that really cooked my beans.  Rant time, here we go!  First of all, you have to understand that I have sympathy for those who are in tough places.  Things happen in life that we cannot control and I get that.  But, I don’t enjoy hearing people complain about financial problems after I find out that they got themselves into it by doing something stupid.  Its like that one guy in Seven Pounds that asks for a tax extension yet has a brand new BWM registered in his name.

The Ten-Step Guide on How To “Cook Zachary Freeman’s Beans”:

Step One: Go to a college that you can’t afford.

Step Two: Graduate with debt and move back in with your parents.

Step Three: Buy yourself a brand new truck without an income.

Step Four: Spend your spare time playing Call of Duty.

Step Five: Complain because you have no money to spend on “hot dates”.

Step Six: Refuse to get a job because you “can’t find one”.

Step Seven: Refuse to leave home to search because you’re on Level Eighty.

Step Eight: Stop making payments on your new truck.

Step Nine: Ask your parents to make payments for the above stated truck.

Step Ten: Complain to about your situation.

True Story.  Here’s a radical idea: work.  Get outside, disconnect from activities that waste time, and get your hands dirty.  If you’re unhappy with your circumstances financially, fix it.

On a more positive note, I have had the opportunity to see some of my peers working very hard this summer.  I know there are plenty of you out there who work very hard to pay for your school, pay your bills, etc.  And for those people, I want to extend a great big high five.  May God bless all of you and instill a powerful drive and ambition to create a positive financial future for yourselves and future family.


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