The Ten-Step Guide to College Financial Aid By Zachary Freeman

The Ramblings of a Nineteen-Year-Old Kindergartener

Remember that Bill Cosby show, Kids Say The Darndest Things?  When it originally aired in 1995, I was only four years old and, as far as I knew, these “darn” kids had a completely accurate view of the world.  “Why is this funny?!” four-old-Zachary said to himself (yeah, I’m using third person).  My parents laughed heartily, not only at the baffled look on my face, but because kids in general are just so clueless.  Kids don’t know any better!

High School Students: You don’t know any better, either.  Unfortunately, turning eighteen doesn’t turn you into a wisdom-filled adult overnight.  Look, I graduated from high school last summer, and I can tell you firsthand, high school students don’t know anything about the way the world works.  They never think about the fact that a container of laundry detergent costs an hour of wages, until they have to do their own laundry.  They don’t think about having to eat Ramen for a week, until they run out of cash.  Many of them don’t have an understanding of the concept of having nothing, until they get out on their own, and have nothing.

The Point:  Save some money while you can in high school, so that you can live on it in college.  Simply living life is far more expensive than you think.


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