The Ten-Step Guide to College Financial Aid By Zachary Freeman

Should I Apply For This One?

                I oftentimes still ask myself this question.  Right now, I am currently searching for funds to pay for my master’s degree that is down the road in a few years.  Because scholarships are sometimes very selective, occasionally you will run across one with a steep list of criteria.  In fact, I have, unfortunately, finished scholarship applications before realizing that I didn’t even qualify.  Although it was a waste of time, I would rather have completed one that I didn’t qualify for than miss one that I did qualify for.

                Oftentimes, scholarships will designate a preference to certain groups.  Pay close attention to whether it says “The scholarship will go to…” or “First preference will go to…”  The first is an exclusive scholarship, while the latter is open.  If they can’t find their first preference, then you have an open door to be the winner.  A lot of times, people are discouraged from applying because they think that that preference excludes them, when in reality it does not.  In fact, this is one of the causes that scholarship money goes unclaimed. 

                If you are questioning whether a scholarship is worth it or not, chances are, it’s worth a shot.  The worst thing that can happen is you just don’t get the money.  It’s always free to apply and you always have at least a small chance of winning.  The more money you apply for, the more you will end up winning.  If you have any questions, consult my book, or post a question on the Free Money Please Facebook page!  Thanks and good luck!


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