The Ten-Step Guide to College Financial Aid By Zachary Freeman

Where Should I Look for the Free Money?

Finding Resources…Where do I even start?!

                The world of free money is a twisted mess of paperwork and boring nights of filling it out.  Getting the government money is usually simple; usually anyone who has given any effort whatsoever gets it without a problem.  But that kind of money is not what I am talking about…sure that money is free, but there is a completely different group of resources available that most people don’t usually even explore: outside scholarships. 

                One of the topics that I hit on a lot is that organizations or corporations NEED to give out money, for tax purposes.  It is a shame that there are thousands of dollars a year that go unclaimed, simply because no one sought them out.  As a scholarship hunter, you have to be willing to pick up the phone and call an organization to ask them about scholarships.  There is so much money to be found in the corporate world, but the real money is going to be in the local civic organizations.  

                 I am from Franklin, Tennessee, where there are enough civic organizations to keep you busy every single night of the week.  Almost all of these organizations give out scholarships, and I can say that almost 52% of my education was funded completely from local organizations.  There is no shortage of money to be found locally, and based on the above calculation, I wouldn’t be anywhere near where I am, financially, without the help of those local foundations and civic organizations. 

 Here just a few of the local civic organizations that are notorious for giving out free scholarship money to students:

The Lions Club

The Elks Lodge

The Masons (Freemasons)

The Kiwanis Club

The Rotary Club

Religious Groups

 Lots more information regarding this topic can be found in Step 4 and Step 5 in my book, Free Money Please!: The Ten-Step Guide to College Financial Aid.  Also, join the Facebook group for even more information regarding free money for college!


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